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Waking up every morning as an artist is awesome. It can also be demoralizing. Finding an audience for your work is unbearably frustrating. Making money from it, almost impossible.

The reality is that studios, labels, publishers and distributors have set up a system that serves them before artists. They decide who is worthy (less than 1%), spend money to get millions of fans, and keep 95% of the revenue.

So, we’re taking the artist / fan relationship one step further with a game changing model that rewards fans for promoting artists they believe in. A modestly sized fan base can now generate more attention and revenue than ever before.

A whole new way to engage fans

With Bandwaggon your fans become part of your team because they’re invested in your success. When they buy content they also have an opportunity to earn points and royalties on all views, shares and purchases that track back to them.

You set the price and the perks

When you upload content you set the price and the incentives you’d like to offer to top promoters. They could be tickets, backstage passes or a meet and greet. We encourage you to offer unique opportunities that invite people to have a special and memorable experience.

You can earn more by sharing

Revenue for all purchases is split between you and your fans. You’ll receive anywhere from 50% -100% of the purchase price and the remainder is distributed as royalties to your promoters. All fans have the same earning opportunity because royalties are distributed based on how close they are to the buyer.

Direct purchase – 100%
One promoter – 75% (25% royalty)
Two promoters – 62.5% (25% and 12.5% royalty)
Three promoters and more – 50% (25%, 12.5%, 6.25%, 3.14% etc in royalties)

You’ll sleep better

Since fans will be actively promoting you and encouraging their friends to do the same you’ll be gaining new fans and earning revenue while you sleep.


No usage fees
15% Transaction fee on all purchases
Credit card fees are incurred on some purchases while other purchases can be made with a user’s existing balance. These are pass through costs and they’ll be deducted from your balance.


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