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I Don't Wanna Love You By Keely Blaze & The Boys

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Keely Blaze and the Boys are a New York City-based alt-pop band, led by singer-songwriter Keely Blaze and some very talented boys. A New York native, Keely has been cultivating her talents from an early age, blending her passion for guitar with a desire to produce unique, meaningful lyrics and melodies. After graduating from Fordham University with a BA in music, Keely joined forces with bassist Gus Kalin and drummer Jim Boyle to form Keely Blaze and the Boys in 2011. Previously a member of the legendary funk band Casual Sweater Tuesdays, Gus has now brought his bass skills to KB and the Boys along with a deep passion for casual sweaters (although these days, he only wears them on Thursdays). Having studied the drums for years, Jim currently works at D'addario Music, one of the leading musical instrument producers in the country. Despite a year with these two, he affirms that he is still not a hipster.