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Strange, Beautiful By A Moment's Worth

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A Moment’s Worth consists of six long-time friends from the Bronx, NY who share an insatiable drive to write, create, and perform uplifting music. Since 2004, A Moment’s Worth has inspired their tightly-knit fans with their tremendous energy, passion, and thoughtful lyrics. With each of the four independent releases, AMW’s growth and evolution as artists are evident. Their most recent full-length release, Start Where You Are, is a testament to this growth and is infused with a heartfelt motif: be true to your inner voice and, most importantly, don’t let past hardships stop you from dreaming--use them to propel you forward. Through independent efforts, the band has been achieved many notable accomplishments including winning the first College Battle of the Bands in New York, receiving a cover-page story in New York Press, being awarded with the CMF/Elfenworks Social Justice Category Award for their song “Dedicate,” and even landing their music on a commercial for Google.