How it works

Share the dream

Believing in someone and helping them succeed is one of the coolest experiences around. So, we built a community designed to help artists succeed by allowing fans to invest in their success. When you buy content on Bandwaggon you have an opportunity to earn points and royalties from everyone you share it with, they share it with, and on and on it goes.

Invest in talent and see great rewards

It’s simple: you discover content you like on Bandwaggon – music, film, a novel, whatever. You buy it and share it with your friends. When they buy it, you’re rewarded two ways – with on going royalties (a portion of the revenue) and with a Bandwaggon Score (think of it as your mogul score). When your friends share it with their friends, and they share it with more friends, everyone’s royalties and points keep growing. Fast.

Earn access to exclusive content and opportunities

Your Bandwaggon score can be your ticket to a new world of exclusive opportunities. It starts with priority access to content before it is released to the public, special opportunities to meet artists, private screenings, trips to festivals and more is in the works. And the higher your score the more influential you are. Eventually having access to you will be the big break someone was looking for.

Watch your balance grow

Royalties are earned on every purchase that tracks back to you. You’ll accrue a balance and will be paid the most for direct referrals (25%) and sequentially less for indirect referrals (12.5%, 6.25%, 3.12% etc.) Artists always receive at least 50% of the purchase price. Everyone always has the same earnings opportunity regardless of how many people shared the content before them.

With great power comes great opportunity

As your balance grows you’ll have money to invest in new artists. We hope you do because then artists are always getting paid and you’re basically getting content for free. You may also choose to withdraw funds after you’ve reached a $10 minimum threshold. You can live your dream anyway you want.

Make an artist’s day. Make a difference. And enjoy the ride.

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